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"We find the classes very diverse and enjoyable."

We have been training with Joey once a week for a few months now, and soon we'll be training twice a week, which we really enjoy. We find the classes very diverse and enjoyable. They also pay good attention to posture, which I find very important. My girlfriend had a hernia a few years ago, and Elite Bodies handles it well. The alternation between Joey and Hidde is also very pleasant. Both have their own expertise. Furthermore, it's nice that there is always cold water available and towels to use freely. Because we train together, we can share the costs, making the price quite attractive.!” – Maurice and Nicole


"Nice, motivated, and above all capable personal trainers who went all out to help us achieve our goal."

In the summer of 2014, we, a hardworking entrepreneurial couple from Aalsmeer, decided that it was time to finally take serious action with our health and fitness goals. Losing weight and getting fit - and above all, staying fit - was our aim. Through the internet, we came across Elite Bodies in Aalsmeer. What a revelation! A small-scale and accessible gym, exactly what we were looking for. Not a lot of bells and whistles, just friendly, motivated, and above all capable personal trainers who were fully committed to helping us achieve our goals. With the help of personal trainer (and owner of Elite Bodies) Joey Willemse, who also provided us with a nutrition plan, we achieved our goal in just 4 months! We reached our target weight and became increasingly fit. The challenge was to maintain this, something that in the past - to our great frustration and disappointment - we never managed at regular gyms... Until now, because now, after 4 years, we still train with great pleasure under the guidance of Joey in the well-equipped gym of Elite Bodies and are definitely planning to keep this up for years to come! We stay at a healthy weight and feel super fit, the compliments from friends and family ("you look great and toned!") motivate us even more to continue our training at Elite Bodies for many years to come!! – Karl Heinz and Bea


"The first 10 kg are gone, on to the next!"

Good personal 1-on-1 training. Hidde and Joey not only help me with the training to become fitter, but also support me through a difficult period. My goal is to get fitter; more stamina and weight loss. The latter with the help of a nutrition plan. The first 10 kg are off, on to the next. We train seriously, but also have a lot of laughs. In short, highly recommended!” – Ingrid


"The staff is motivating and there is a pleasant atmosphere."

"I train myself and now for a year, twice a week. I still love it! Really recommend it to others!" - Agnes

"I won one lesson for 3 months at Elite Bodies!"

"I'm very happy about this. Several kilos are already off, and I feel tighter!" - Lindsey



"I used to be a couch potato, but now I go to the gym twice a week! We are very satisfied with the quality of the training sessions, which are varied and tailored to the individual goals of each person. We also received a customized nutrition plan to achieve additional results. It's always very enjoyable!"” Lingwei



I leave there every time with a satisfied feeling. We go twice a week and personally I feel a lot fitter than before! – Irma


"We enjoyed our cycling holiday through France."

"Thanks to Joey's personal training sessions, we were in top condition and conquered 'mountains'!" – Debby


"I started training at Elite Bodies to receive proper guidance for my knee issues and to lose excess weight."

"Thanks to the excellent guidance and nutrition plans, I have already achieved my goals. I still train there after 4 years and with great pleasure. Top!" – Marcella


"Joey is excellent!"

"Great guidance, varied exercises, always up for a nice chat, and incredibly good at motivating!" - Sat Bir

"I've been training at Elite Bodies for 2.5 years now."

"Elite Bodies is extremely motivating and is the perfect training partner for me. The personalized advice keeps motivating me to constantly push myself to be the best I can be." Janou


"In a very short time, I've already achieved great results thanks to the excellent coaching from Elite Bodies."

"This coaching helps you to work a little harder and train differently. Combined with the guidance on nutrition, I've not only become physically but also mentally back to my old self, or actually a version 2.0 of myself. I could never have achieved this on my own as quickly." – Danielle


"At Elite Bodies, they're able to keep you motivated continuously!"

"So you want to keep training and improving yourself. Quality and customer satisfaction are top priorities here. I recommend everyone to come and train at Elite Bodies to achieve your personal goals together with the coaches." - Claudia


"Extremely Satisfied"

"Highly recommended!" - Geraldine


"Elite Bodies is the means to get moving!"

"But more importantly, to stay in motion! A sustainable meal plan is created, even for those who are not big eaters. The workouts are challenging every time, but also enjoyable. Those are two important ingredients that Elite Bodies definitely meets for me. Thanks to Elite Bodies, my pregnancy pounds (25KG) are off, thanks Joey and Hidde!" – Debora


"Our adventure with Joey began on May 14, 2018."

"We had three months to make sure I fit into my dress for my daughter's wedding. She also wanted to shed a few pounds. August 18, 2018, was the day." 😁"I'm thrilled to report that I'm 15 kilos lighter, and we both fit snugly into the dress. Huge thanks to Joey for the incredible support, the meal plans, and the workouts that made this happen!"💪🏻 – Manuela and Dana



"Clear nutrition plan and customized training ensure that you achieve results. Highly recommended!" Anna


"At Joey's, you get clear instructions on how to perform the exercises correctly and properly."

"He also helped me with setting up a nutrition plan, which has already helped me lose 3 KG. Elite Bodies works better for me than those cheap gyms where you don't get any guidance." – Berry



"I enjoy going there and come home feeling satisfied. My fitness is noticeably improving." – Maria


"Joey provides excellent guidance."

"Both with exercising and with nutrition! I'm glad Joey is willing to help me in the battle against the pounds!" – Rachelle


"Joey encourages you every day to get the most out of your training!"

"Nice atmosphere and very clean spaces.". – Debby


"I was never really into exercising."

"But as an artist, it's very important for me to have a good condition. Thanks to Joey, I really stick to a great eating schedule, lose weight, and enjoy working out in the Small Group Training. Highly recommended!" – Sasja

We snappen dat tijd vinden om te sporten een uitdaging kan zijn, zeker als je een druk leven leidt en ouder bent. Daarom zijn je kinderen hier net zo welkom als jij, zodat je zonder zorgen kunt werken aan je fitheid. Door te investeren in je eigen gezondheid, geef je het perfecte voorbeeld en heb je meer energie voor je gezin. Samen brengen we je dichter bij je doelen én laat je aan jouw gezin zien hoe belangrijk zelfzorg is.#aalsmeer #personaltraineraalsmeer #gezondafvallen #krachttraining #sporten #personaltraining
Goede slaap gaat verder dan alleen uitrusten. Wanneer je kwalitatief goed en genoeg slaapt, krijgt je immuunsysteem een boost en herstellen je spieren beter van inspanningen zoals sporten.Maar ook op mentaal vlak heeft slaap een hele grote impact.Goede slaap verscherpt je denkvermogen, verbetert je besluitvorming, stabiliseert je humeur en maakt het beheersen van stress een stuk eenvoudiger.Denk daar de volgende keer eens aan wanneer je nog tot 's avonds laat aan het werk bent of op je mobiel zit te scrollen. Wanneer jij je best doet voor jouw gezondheid, zul jij je ook op je best voelen.#slaap #slaapkwaliteit #fysiek #mentalegezondheid #gezondheid
Elke keer dat ik mezelf tijdens mijn workout uitdaag, ontdek ik opnieuw hoe dit verbonden is met ondernemen. Wanneer ik denk dat ik niet verder kan, bedenk ik me waarom ik begonnen ben en waar ik naartoe wil. En dat is precies wat me door de zwaarste sets en zakelijke uitdagingen heen helpt.Ik heb geleerd dat doorzettingsvermogen, vastberadenheid en het stellen van heldere doelen onmisbaar zijn voor succes op zowel zakelijk als persoonlijk vlak.Onderschat dus nooit wat een workout je kan leren over zakelijk succes. Uitdagingen overwinnen kunnen we allemaal, zolang je maar de juiste mindset hebt.
Wil jij ook een blijvend resultaat behalen en je fitter dan ooit voelen?Vergeet quick fixes. Duurzame transformatie vraagt om meer dan dat.Bij Elite Bodies gaan we verder dan alleen trainen. We bouwen samen aan een levensstijl die je welzijn op de eerste plaats zet. Met persoonlijke coaching, aangepaste voedingsplannen en motiverende workouts, begeleiden we je op elk moment van je reis naar een blijvend resultaat.Samen zetten we de stappen naar jouw ultieme doel!#personaltraining #aalsmeer #elitebodies #personaltraineraalsmeer #gezondheid